CII Connect 2014

Digital Infrastructure : Enabling the world of tomorrow


The 13th Edition of Connect had the Theme of “Digital Infrastructure: Enabling the World of Tomorrow” .

The Connect 2014 had sessions on

  • Digital Infrastructure :Creating the smart cities of the future”; The next big wave:
  • How the Digital Infrastructure will revolutionize the healthcare landscape
  • Digital Infrastructure: A US $2 trillion opportunity for Indian IT-BPM companies
  • Unleashing the potential of Internet of Things in a connected World
  • Transforming the economy and world around us
  • “E-commerce 2020: How social media, mobility and the sharing economy are shaping the future of e-commerce”
  • Policies &Frameworks for the Growth of Digital Infrastructure
  • An IOT Nagaram can be conceptualized and the location can be chosen such that it is located in a place comprising of good universities that can sustain this initiative. A collaborative ecosystem consisting of both institutions and corporate giants such as Cisco, Intel, TCS, CTS, etc., must be setup to take this initiative from mere concept to reality.
  • With the help of the Government, the IOT Nagaram can be developed with technological infrastructure that can support connected devices and services in residences and public places. Sensors would form the entire base for this concept which would enable in providing the best services for the residences of the IOT Nagaram. This would also serve as an attractive destination for a number of startups who would want to test their products on the community residing within IOT Nagaram. This allows them to have a more realistic test scenario and hence improving their probability of success on a larger scale.
  • The choice of location could be around OMR or Guindy considering the fact that there are enough universities situated there to sustain this initiative.